We pick, pack & ship

Saving you precious time & money

Relieve yourself of business fulfillment and shipping so you can focus on growing your eCommerce business


How does it work?

Running a business all by yourself can be tough. Let us handle the logistics and other essential supply chain management tasks so that you can focus on growing your business.

Proper tracking

We track the entire shipment cycle from A to Z

Next day deliveries

We deliver all around Europe, using our own warehouse

Easy onboarding

We’ve simplified the setup and onboarding for start-ups


Fast forward your online business growth with us

HelpShip is perfect for small enterprises or large businesses because it not only processes large shipments but can also ship as low as one shipment with proper management.


You focus on selling. We’ll handle the rest.

From processing to delivery and the return of the products, every detail is efficiently managed. Every order you get is processed in the order management system so that orders can be assigned correctly. A proper order tracking number is accredited by the system so that customers and businesses can track the progress of the order.

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We have developed rapidly in 7 years

The cost of delivery won’t set you back anymore

We’ve strategically placed our Fulfillment warehouse so we can ensure fast deliveries all across Europe. We also carefully track the entire shipment process, from pickup right down to the final delivery. This allows us to immediately catch and resolve any delivery issues, saving plenty of time and money.


When working with us you will enjoy these key features:

Smart management

With our order management system, you keep proper track of the entire shipment cycle from A to Z.

Friendly set up

A new business owner can manage things easily, even if he/she does not know much about the system.

Fast-tracking of delivery issues

We carefully track the entire shipment process, from pickup right down to the final delivery.

Transparent communication

We keep our cost system transparent so that the clients always know where their money is going.


We’ll help you scale up, overcome challenges & capitalize on new growth opportunities

Our work starts when a customer places an order and the product information is received. We handle the logistical warehousing of inventory, receiving orders, picking (finding) the items that were ordered, packing (packaging) the products, shipping the order, and notifying customers about their order status. simply putting it we pick, pack and deliver so you can forget the fulfillment nightmare
and start focusing on your online business.

What are your benefits when working with us?

We lessen your burden and eliminate extra costs by handling various essential tasks such as freight, shipping, order fulfillment, and import/export.


Low Warehouse Expenses

With us, you do not need to invest additional money on warehouses and their management. We own our warehouse and have the right staff to manage all logistic operations.


Business Growth

With a 3PL company in tow, you have a team of experts who can manage your logistics and warehousing. This allows you to focus on more impending tasks related to your business. Plus, once your business starts to grow, you will already have all the resources you need.


Expand beyond the borders

You can quickly take your business to an international level as we ship products at a
faster pace. We also help you reach the local market of various countries.


Your bill in the package

Invoices are issued under the auspices of your company, so that your customers have the experience of your brand, complete, from purchase to receipt of the package.


Managing returns

The packages that are returned will be reintroduced by us in the fulfillment flow, so that you do not waste your time managing them.


Next day delivery

Having our own warehouse, we can ensure next day shipment to Romania and Hungary.